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Slovenian website for boston terrier dog breed lovers.



The boston.si project

Problem: One day me and my boyfriend decided that it would be great to have company of a dog. We were searching for the right breed, googling breed after breed, watching dog videos on youtube and at last – found a perfect one that could suit our lifestyle – a boston terrier. It was only after a few months that we finally found a puppy and took her home.
We are now proud owners of Aurora, a junior champion of Slovenia and an equal member of our family.

Project: Due the lack of information about the breed in slovenian language we decided to make a slovenian website about boston terriers. We’ve also noticed that it was extreemly difficult to find puppy litters in Slovenia if you’re not already an owner or dog show exhibitor. There was a group and a page on Facebook and upcoming litter information on Slovenian Cynological Association’s website but you’d have to be a web guru to hack all the information.
So we made a website gathering all the important links and information about the breed, FAQ pages, slovenian boston terriers database and boston terriers litter information in Slovenia.


Design: Choosing black and white for website’s primary colours was obvious because of the boston terrier’s tuxedo colour but we’ve also added mint and pink to make the site more modern and appealing. The design is simple – a cover photo describing what the site is about and three most important links below the cover: litter information, slovenian boston terrier database and a call to action module to encourage slovenians to publish their boston in the database. Below are news and a small poll about the breed’s characteristics that make future boston terriers more aware of the breed’s temperament.

The most important feature of the site was making the website work by itself, meaning – so people can publish their bostons and their litters by themselves without us editing every post and spending hours and hours to publish their content. Therefore we used a Joomla extension called ZOO from YOUtheme and made publishing available for all registered users.

T-shirts: I’ve designed the official t-shirt of boston.si showing a typical boston terrier expression designed from small dots with the pixel art technique and printed using screens and black ink on white cotton blend t-shirt.


The best projects are the ones that connect your personal life with your occupation and that’s what boston.si definitely is.