neck straps

Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Ajda Gregorcic
  • Date: November 2021
  • Skills: graphic design, branding, identity, events
  • Client: Slovenia Games

In 2019 the Slovenian Games Conference was organised in cooperation with SCW – Slovenian Creative Workshop community. When designing theme graphics for 2019’s event, I considered design of previous conferences and designed diagonal graphics in an autumn-coloured palette. Main colours were orange/yellow shades with a bit of green, and purple.

I designed graphics for the event brochure, neck straps for visitors, t-shirts and posters with event schedules that happened in various floors of the biggest trade show venue in Slovenia – Gospodarsko razstavišče in Ljubljana capital.

neck straps

Because the event happened in multiple floors of this huge venue, I had to design a floor plan with clear information about specific rooms. So the first thing was to analyse the venue and the logistics from one floor to another. The event covered 4 floors of the venue, but one of the floors was a ‘dead spot’ which the visitors had to skip if they wanted to visit the event venue rooms.

After carefully studying spaces and halls of this venue, I’ve designed a simplified map of the venue where the conference is going to take place. I’ve included the map also in the brochure for making sure that visitors find the right rooms and lectures that they’d like to attend during the conference.

I’ve chosen the isometric perspective for the map since that was the best way for visitors to see all floors clearly. We also put clear signs on each floor to inform visitors about their current states and paths they should take, to avoid mingling through several floors of the venue.

I’ve also included spots of sanitaries and elevators info on the map so we could cover all kinds of visitors and prevent loosing time searching the right room.

We also included voting for the best indie game in the event and collecting stamps of games they tried so that visitors could get a free drink at the evening party if they collected at least 10 stamps.

You can find more info on the event website.