Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Ajda Gregorcic
  • Date: 01/2010
  • Skills: illustration, character design, animation, product design, branding
  • Demo: See Demo

My personal project Artida

Artida is a brand from Slovenia that I started developing in 2010.

It teaches kids about different people, cultures, races, animals and all sorts of fun activities, using more than 80 different Artida characters that were designed to educate and entertain.

Artida’s main goal is to envoke positive values, versatility, the love for nature, people, places, knowledge and creativity in children and the young at heart with its cute little characters that were designed to smile, encourage, love and be loved. Artida is not only one character but a variety of characters with common features. They represent people, animals and imaginary characters in different environments, times, sports activities, countries, cultures, races, holidays, funny situations – anything you can imagine. Curiosity and engagement of this characters are a priority.

Versatility of Artida characters

Artida characters enjoy various activities, especially those that include nature and people. Sports, travelling, having fun with friends, learning, playing games, discovering the world and falling in love. In the summer, Artida loves to snorkel and scuba dive where she discovers the clown fish, purple octopus, corals and plays with the bubbles in the sea. Artida loves excitement. She is adventurous and fun.

The story

The panda, tiger and elephant come for a visit from an African safari. In winter, a cute penguin and a husky from the poles come along to watch Artida skiing or sliding down the white, snowy hills. Artida loves her school teacher, especially when she gives fun assignments such as colouring, learning about places, people, languages and animals. Her best schoolmate is Geekartida: she is a 100% geek and she loves techology. She loves hanging around with her friends like Kleopatra from Egypt, muslim girl A’idah, Artida Masaii from Africa, native american Wihakayda, Eskiimo and other people from all over the world! But as a normal city girl she also loves activities like dancing, swimming, eating delicious food and shopping. Artida loves holidays, especially Valentine’s day, New year’s eve and Halloween – dressing up in different characters is one of her favorite sports.

Fun is a timeless experience

Every now and then Artida appears in a funny or slightly ridiculous situations such as dressing up as different fruits, getting a bubblegum burst in her face from chewing too much at once or being stuck on a Christmas tree because she thinks that she is so cute that she should be part of the decoration.

Artida for me is developing a timeless brand that brings values, universal love, engagement and knowledge in a fun, loveable way.

Artida characters

Artida characters are designed in proportion so that the facial expressions are obvious and positive. Smiling and laughing are the most common expressions, but sometimes characteristics like the innocence of a very small baby pig character overrides the smile with a sad look of somebody you just want to hug. All creatures deserve love and care and that is what Artida is all about.

Artida characters are almost like icons: each character is unique, but recognisable by its specific graphic style. Their iconographic design with bright, vivid colours and limitless possibilities of topics they can address reaches audiences from children to 30+ grown ups. Bright colours, clean shapes and glossy gradients produce high quality illustrations in a semi-realistic environment for any kind of exciting story. The characters appear pretty small, but cute, loveable and most of all, collectable.

Encouraging creativity and engagement

Artida’s purpose is to teach and have fun. Every product is designed with a cause, even if it’s just to appear and address a topic like reminding us about holidays to celebrate or activities to undertake. We are encouraging creativity by producing illustrations for colouring and making them available on Artida’s website for free. Desktop and mobile phone wallpapers are also available.


The animation called Discover Slovenia on Artida’s website is an interactive map that shows some of the most amazing spots to visit in Artida’s native country Slovenia. The map is an illustrated, simplified way to present some of the most common activities that these places offer. The application is very easy to use and can be applied to any country or place to make travel and learning more interesting and accessible to kids and teens.

Products and gifts

The interactive applications go hand-in-hand with Artida T-shirts with international Artida characters and colourful illustrated postcards for tourist destinations. Badges, magnets, small gifts and colourful illustrated brochures with simplified maps are a great tool to make turist destinations more interesting and applicable to the younger population. Mobile applications and games would make it accessible and fun.

As Artida encourages travelling and discovering the world, she offers comfortable everyday T-shirts you can wear on your trips and during activities. The T-shirts can be worn in different situations based on their motive. Like a pet, the character on the T-shirt is adopted by its owner.

Wearing Artida Shopping girl T-shirt while shopping always brings a smile to the store staff. Finding the Artida Cycling T-shirt in the closet makes you want to put the T-shirt on and go cycling. It’s fun and it draws attention. It’s an experience.

Artida’s website is no longer available, but you can browse through Artida’s Facebook page here: