Artida characters development

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Defining general character specifications

The first step when designing a series of characters is to define general character specifications. Artida’s general specifications are a very big oval head, round eyes, a cute (possibly happy) expression, small body and accessories that make us distinguish one character from another.

Character development

The development of a specific character starts with analyzing the character we are reffering to. In this case it’s a beautiful female representative of a indian girl in traditional indian dress.

Development of context

To present the character in its native environment I’ve decided to put our indian girl in front of the most famous indian Taj Mahal building.

Name origin

Many Artida characters, especially those that represent people, have been developed in the way that I have presented above. All people characters have real names with real meanings and have been designed to reflect actual representatives of specific races and cultures. They are meant to describe and compliment differences between us. For our indian girl I’ve chosen a name that means ‘earth’ in indian and is a very common indian name.

The complete set of Artida characters created from 2011- 2015 can be found here:

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