About me

9 years of experience in graphic design and illustration

Hi! I’m Ajda, a graphic designer and illustrator from Maribor, Slovenia.

I’m focused on web design, user interfaces and illustration. Observing, analysing and interpreting everything in life make me have a clear vision of the product I want to create. Everything is done precisely and spiced up with my positive, eye-catching style. I’m inspired by characters, places, ocean biology, fashion, architectural design and amazing people.

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Sketch  ✮✮✮✮✩
Photoshop  ✮✮✮✮✮
Illustrator  ✮✮✮✮✮
InDesign  ✮✮✮✮✮
HTML, CSS  ✮✮✮✮✩
Joomla  ✮✮✮✩✩
Wordpress  ✮✮✮✩✩
After Effects  ✮✮✩✩✩
TV paint  ✮✮✩✩✩


• User interface design
• Web design
• Mobile application design
• Corporate identity design
• Graphic design for print
• Illustration
• Character design
• Game design
(characters, animation)


• English – fluent
• Slovenian – native speaker
• Croatian – solid
• German – still learning

I can communicate my ideas quickly because of my drawing and sketching skills.


I’ve gained many freelancing experiences in the design industry while studying Interactive graphic design (Media communications) on Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science in Maribor, Slovenia. At the time I was drawing illustrations for magazines FHM Slovenia, FHM Croatia and AutoBild Slovenia and also cooperating with creative agency Oranža on projects for Pošta Slovenije, Dravske elektrarne and others.

My family has always been amazingly creative and connected to modern technology, so I am now a proud part of team GRECO d.o.o., a software company that was established by my father 20 years ago. We’ve expanded our experteese to graphic design and now offer a full range of print and web based communications.





My references via Greco include: Zavarovalnica Maribor / Zavarovalnica Sava (web design, mobile application design, user interface design, design of annual report .., Bazeni Stotinka (website and catalog design), Optika Irman, Optika Auer (website design), Center razvoja človeških virov, Prizma – fundacija, Komunalna tehnika d.o.o. (corporate identity design and print), identity design for Ultrasplet, ProtecTech, iTatu, ŽTK klub Maribor – Radenska Open tennis tournament, Belinda sport – diving gear shop and Prodive diving club – print design, divelog design, website design, Mariborski Vodovod, and others.

While working with Motiviti, a game development company from Maribor between 2009 and 2015 on these projects: Elroy the game (www.elroythegame.com), Playrocket, Facebook game Family Treehouse (with Mundia, Ancestry), LG Times Square billlboard (with North Kingdom in Y&R), Zombii attack (with Gamers Digital), Games website Bringler igre, 3D game called Diggy dog saves xmas and some other projects.

Side projects

In my free time I keep myself inspired with my own project Artida (about the project), a brand for kids that focuses on kids apparel and school supplies.




As an owner of a boston terrier I organize meetings of other boston terrier owners and have developed a website about the breed to inform future owners about the breed’s characteristics and gather images of our bostons: Boston.si (about the project).