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The role of design has evolved with years and goes way beyond plain aesthetics issues. Discover how hiring a strategic designer can be a strategy for your company’s long term business success.

Beyond visual as strategy

Designers have the power to solve complex problems, drive innovation, raise brand awareness, influence perception and improve overall company brand awareness. I’ve seen and experienced companies striving to differentiate themselves and stay competitive on the market.

The need for strategic designers has never been more critical. So in this post I will explore several reasons why hiring a strategic designer is more than just a wise decision. It’s a strategy for any forward-thinking organization. From optimizing resource allocation to fostering innovation and enhancing the customer experience, the impact of a strategic designer goes far beyond, ultimately reshaping the way companies operate and thrive. Discover how the strategic vision and problem-solving skills of strategic design experts can unlock new opportunities and drive meaningful growth for your company.

1. Strategic designers solve real problems using design thinking

When hiring a designer, think of designers that are working on a deeper level, beyond just producing visual content. Strategic designers possess a unique blending of many creative skills. These include creative thinking, problem-solving, understanding of business, processes, people, assets, and more. Therefore, hiring a strategic designer can directly contribute to the ROI of your company. But how?

Strategic designers are well-versed in design thinking – a problem solving approach that focuses on user empathy, ideation and iterative prototyping. The difference between a strategic designer and just an executor of basic designer tasks, is tackling complex business challenges. This can be acchieved by identifying pain points, finding creative solutions, and ultimately improving processes and end products.

2. User-Centered Design

A strategic designer’s primary focus is on the end-user. Meaning, that the strategic designers craft experiences that resonate with the target audience, consequently leading to higher user satisfaction and increased customer loyalty. Therefore, inconsistent design can drive customers away because of lack of credibility. On the other hand, satisfied customers are more likely to stick around and repeat their purchases or subscriptions, driving up the value of customer lifetime.

3. Innovation Catalysm

Innovation is the vital essence of blooming enterprises. Strategic designers encourage innovation by fostering a culture of experimentation and creativity within organizations and companies. Thinking outside the box can lead to breakthrough product or ideas that become main differentiators of your company.

4. Efficient Resources

Strategic designers help manage resources wisely. By identifying where design can have the most significant impact, a strategic designer can ensure your investments are aligned with your strategic goals. This results in cost savings and maximizes the impact of your efforts in design investments.

Resources, both tangible and intangible, where a strategic designer can help level up the company, include:

  • finance in term of money spent on software,
  • hiring perfect fit talents and designers,
  • choosing the right materials and technology,
  • data and research analysis to inform design decisions,
  • development infrastructure and
  • collaborative cross-team efforts throughout the organization.

The efficient allocation of these resources by strategic designers ensures that they are used optimally to achieve the desired outcomes, such as improved user experiences, innovation, and cost savings.

5. Consistent Branding

Maintaining a consistent company brand identity is necessary for building trust and recognition. Therefore, strategic designers develop comprehensive brand guidelines and design systems that ensure uniformity in messaging, both online and offline. A strong brand leads to increased brand loyalty and a competitive advantage.

6. Marketing and conversion optimization

Strategic designers collaborate with marketing teams to optimize campaigns for better conversion rates. By crafting compelling visuals and improving user experiences, they can increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts, consequently leading to more clicks, leads and sales.

7. Risk Mitigation

Making design decisions ad-hoc can mitigate risks associated with product launches or updates. On the other hand, strategic designers are more likely to conduct thorough research and user testing up-front to identify potential issues before they become costly problems and hard to communicate.

So What did we learn?

To sum up, the ROI of hiring a strategic designer extends far beyond the design department. The holistic approach to problem-solving and business improvement impacts positively on every facet of an organization. From increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand awareness and customer success, to driving innovation and saving costs, strategic designers are an essential asset for long-term business success.

In a competitive business world, hiring a strategic designer is an investment in the future of your company. With design thinking and creativity, they can unlock opportunities and boost ROI. Consider bringing one on board to transform your business.

Read more in this article on strategic design or contact me if you would like to know more about how hiring a strategic designer can lift up your company’s value.

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